Bird Photography Tips

postA few people have emailed me asking for some bird photography tips and tricks of the trade. After some thought on the subject, I have come up with the following 10 tips for photographing birds.

Practice with the Locals. The best way to become familiar with photographing birds in your own backyard. What birds can you photograph at home? Do you have a birdfeeder or birdbath set up in your yard to draw birds in? Use these local birds to see behaviors such as how close you can get before they spook, and whether they eat at the feeder or take the food to somewhere nearby to enjoy it. Start by photographing birds in your yard to get used to their movements and feeding habits.

Timing is everything. Most species of birds eat in the morning or late afternoon. Get to know the habits of the bird that you are photographing and where it returns every day to feed.

Walk softly. Learn how to approach birds quietly and with very little movement. This goes for all wildlife photography.

Be respectful of nature. When photographing a

How to Tell a Story through Pictures

A picture can say a thousand words. There is a good reason this saying became popular. Pictures are a powerful tool at telling stories, and if presented in a captivating way to your audience, can become addictive and leave them craving for more. Photographer William Schoellkopf shares some information on how to tell stories in […]

Chin Augmentation with PinkMirror

‘Mentoplasty’ is a term for chin augmentation, a procedure that aims to give balance to your facial features, to make you look more attractive, and improve your perspective of yourself. It’s becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and across the globe.

PinkMirror allows you to get the same effects, without the costs and stress. You can achieve the features you want in your photos, without having to spend time in hospital going under the surgeon’s knife.

Why Chin Lines are Important

Chin lines are important as they can be the most noticeable feature on your face. Females with long chins may want to reduce them as it’s a feature more commonly seen on men. Or perhaps you’re a male who wants to extend their chinline to appear more masculine. Either of these changes can be made with PinkMirror’s photo editor.

Bone abnormalities can make your chin look odd in photos – PinkMirror can adjust this. In addition, asymmetry caused by the jaw bone growing more on one side of the face than the other can also be altered. After all, symmetrical faces are more attractive than asymmetrical ones.

More Facial Reading

A strong jawline is supposed to indicate a strong value system, however,

Amazing Lawyers Located in Sacramento

I suffered a pretty severe back injury when I was involved in a car crash not that long ago. I was in a car accident that was not my fault, and that is pretty upsetting on its own. But there are other factors that really upset me right now, and I need to find a sacramento personal injury lawyer to help me to deal with this issue.

I am going to have a lot of medical bills to pay if I do not get fair compensation for this wreck. (more…)

Almost Done with the Retirement House

As it stands right at this very moment it is going to be a couple more years at the least before I can retire, but I do have the retirement house almost ready. I have to rig up a good home security system next and then work on the other stuff that is ancillary, things for the grandchildren to do when they are over for vacation and such. I built the boat dock about ten years ago and for half a decade we would get up there by boat and camp out. Then I rigged it up so that you could hook up the utilities to a camper trailer. (more…)

Planning the Big Move Right Now

It is going to be about three months before I have to be down in San Angelo, TX. Of course I have a job down there, my company bought this other company. Of course it is a big deal for me. I need to get our of my house, buy or rent another place down there and find all of the stuff you need to do. I need to figure out the internet, TV and power. I was doing some research and apparently you can pick your power company in Texas, you can read about it here, I guess that is something they have done there, but of course it is not something which is familiar to someone like me. I come a little town not far South of High Point North Carolina. If you want power in this part of the world you do not have to think about how it is going to happen. You call up Duke Power and they turn the power on. (more…)